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TheFreeDictionary's content is divided into tabs. Each tab represents search results from a different dictionary or encyclopedia. You can see the results of your search in different dictionaries by switching between the tabs.

Free Tools for Surfers

Access TheFreeDictionary from Anywhere

TheFreeDictionary offers several options for convenient, free access to its contents and search features.

Desktop Assistant for Windows

This software allows you to instantly access TheFreeDictionary's definitions and encyclopedia entries by selecting any word or phrase on your screen with one click. Learn how to download and install the desktop assistant here.

Right-Click Browser Add-On

Browser add-ons — also known as extensions — are mini-programs that enhance the default functionality of your web browser.

Add-On For Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer users, TheFreeDictionary offers a browser extension that allows you to access the definition of any word on the web from right inside your browser with a "Dictionary" option that is added to your right-click menu. for Internet Explorer
  • Open the browser and navigate to any web page.
  • Select (or double-click) any word.
  • Right-click and select "Dictionary" in the menu.

The definition will be presented in a new browser window.

Install the Dictionary Add-on for IE

Extension For Mozilla Firefox

For Mozilla Firefox users, TheFreeDictionary offers a dictionary search extension that enables you to quickly find definitions of words on any webpage or in any email.

TheFreeDictionary for Mozilla Firefox

Select the word you want to look up, then right click and select "Search Dictionary for ..." A new tab or browser window will open with the meaning of the word you selected.

The right-click Firefox extension is available at or

Free Daily Content

Our free "Infotainment" content is updated daily, and you can read it without visiting

Daily Content on The Desktop

You can read Word of the Day, This day in History, Today’s Birthday, Quotation of the Day, and Article of the Day right from your desktop using the Windows Active Desktop. This feature does not require you to install any software in your computer.

Daily Content by Email

You can sign up to receive free daily content (Word of the Day, This Day in History, Today’s Birthday, Quotation of the Day, and Article of the Day) in your inbox each morning.

We at TheFreeDictionary are concerned about email spam. We therefore do our very best to ensure that you never receive unwanted emails from our site. You will receive a confirmation email to make sure that you are truly interested in receiving Daily Infotainment, and you can also opt out of the email by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link that appears on the bottom of every email:

Please note: We will never sell, share, or distribute your email address to anyone.

Customizable Homepage

See Homepage help.


See Feedback help.

Free Tools for Webmasters

Free website content and other tools for your site available from TheFreeDictionary

Dictionary look-Up Box

Let your users easily access all of TheFreeDictionary’s content from your website by adding the Dictionary Lookup feature to your site. Choose either the complete layout or the simple layout. You can choose to have the Dictionary open in the same window or in a new window. You can also select font and text sizes, as well as background and text colors.



Daily Website Content

Click on Free content for your website and add any of the free content from TheFreeDictionary to your site. This content includes This Day in History, Word of the Day, Today’s Birthday, Quotation of the Day, and Article of the Day. We have a basic layout that is convenient for most users, as well a customizable layout for advanced users.

RSS Feed

RSS feeds are available at:

Promote your own RSS/Atom feed

If you have a blog, add this button to let people access it as an RSS feed from Find instructions here.

JavaScript Double-Click Function

You can allow visitors to find the definition of any word on your website with a double-click. Click on Linking to the Dictionary and follow the instructions to add double-click functionality to your site.

Dictionary Link

You can add a link from your page to Click on Linking to the Dictionary and follow the instructions to add TheFreeDictionary to your site!


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